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Microcurrent Bio-Lift Machines

We are the manufacturer for high quality micro-current bio-lift skin care machines, and by dealing with us you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your professional grade skin lifting microcurrent units.

Microcurrent Bio-Lift

3 In 1 Facial Unit (Ultrasonic, Microcurrent, Skin Scrubber)
SKU: SKU16315
(5 reviews)  

3 in 1 Facial Unit: Ultrasonic+Microcurrent+Skin Scrubber
Micro Current Skin Lifting System - The Microcurrent Machine has two important functions during a facial treatment. Its main function is to introduce water-soluble products into the skin. When using Biowave, there are two poles, negative(-) and positive(+). Microcurrent enhances the ability of active molecules to penetrate the skin surface. Its benefits are wide and far-reaching: it increases the skin’s absorption capacity, minimizes wrinkles, and normalizes the skin.

Micro Current Electro Device With Gloves And Carring Case
SKU: SKU16197
(5 reviews)  

Micro Current Electro Device with Gloves & Carring Case

Microcurrent Bio-Lift Pro
SKU: SKU18259
(7 reviews)  

Microcurrent Bio-Lift Pro

Supra 3 In 1 Microcurrent With Sonic Skin Scrubber And Ultrasonic Skin Care Machine
SKU: SKU16750
(5 reviews)  

Supra 3 in 1 Microcurrent with Sonic Skin Scrubber and Ultrasonic Skin Care Machine

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