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Portable Pedicure Spa

Portable Pedicure Spa

Footsie Bath Foot Bath Plus
SKU: SKU18038
(10 reviews)  
  • Includes Footsie Bath Spa, 10 disposable liners and a carrier tray
  • 6” deep basin for a therapeutic soak
  • Features 4 position control settings
  • Ultra-lightweight and durable
  • Soothing vibration


Footsie Bath Plus includes the Footsie Bath Spa, 10 disposable liners and a carrier tray to equip you with everything you need to deliver the perfect spa experience. Features a 6" deep basin and four control settings: heat and vibrate, heat only, vibrate only and off for a soothing, therapeutic soak. The convenient all-in-one package is ultra-lightweight, durable and requires no installation or plumbing.

Footsie Bath Foot Spa Replacement Liners - 100 pack
SKU: SKU18035
(5 reviews)  

100ct per box Fits Footsie Bath foot spas

Milan Portable Pedicure Spa
SKU: SKU16744
(11 reviews)  

Milan Portable Pedicure Spa with Footsie Bath

$500.00 save 28%
PediCart Glass top
SKU: SKU18257
(0 reviews)  
Pedi cart Glass Top
Pedicure Chair
SKU: SKU16219
(8 reviews)  

Pedicure Chair
26 lbs

$149.00 save 13%
Portable Foot Spa With JET and LED
SKU: SKU16660
(4 reviews)  

Portable Foot Spa The SkinAct Foot Bath is the best in industry for comfort, quality and advanced design. This is the only foot bath system designed to provide a totally Spa experience. This bath includes 1 quiet, jet, LED lighting wheels and a convenient handle. It is completely portable and no additional plumbing or installation is needed. Specifications: Exterior: 27" L x 20" W x 15" H Interior: 17" L x 13" W x 10" H Capacity: 4.5 ga

$1199.00 save 50%
Portable Pedicure Spa Pedicute
SKU: SKU16498
(1 reviews)  

Portable Pedicure Spa Pedicute

Pedicure Cart From Dina Meri
SKU: SKU16487
(1 reviews)  
Pedicure Cart From Dina Meri