Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Thin Film Hard Wax 14oz

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Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Thin Film Hard Wax 14oz
NO-STRIP, DISPOSABLE WAX: Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Thin Film Wax is infused with calming azulene oil, vitamin E and zinc oxide to maximize skin comfort. Formulated for coarse, stubborn hair and sensitive skin. Recommended for male Brazilian bikini waxing. This masculine scented wax maximize hair removal without the need of muslin pieces! It’s created for a metro male for a confident, all-over body waxing experience!
DRIES IN SECONDS, STAYS PLIABLE: This hair removal hard wax dries in seconds and stays pliable without becoming brittle. With a low melting point, Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Thin Film Wax applies thinly like a strip wax for a perfect speed-waxing experience. You will never go back to shaving! Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for weeks!
DELICATE FORMULA FOR SENSITIVE ZONES: Featuring a Satin Smooth depilatory wax that comes with a special delicate formula for sensitive areas that follows the body curves, easily captures the short and coarse hair on the uneven surfaces. It’s characterized by high plasticity while it does not create stretchy threads.
BUDGET-FRIENDLY, PRO APPROVED UNSIGHTLY HAIR WAXING: A reasonably priced, trusted by the waxing professionals, the Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Wax is a depilatory product you’d love! Cut your expensive hair wax salon visit when you can get rid of your unwanted hair by yourself through the use of this hair removal product that works like magic for everyone.
100 % ANIMAL-CRUELTY FREE: The Satin Smooth Depilatory Solution has not been tested on animals. Recommend by skin professionals, this product is completely safe to use.
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