Mesolyft Skin

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Mesolyft Skin

Face the future with a brighter complexion.  MesoLyft Skin Lightener is a beauty tool that combines potent natural skin lightening serum with the action of 0.15 mm micro-needle derma roller. MesoLyft's generous formula is full of plant extracts that lighten pigmentation on face, neck, chest, and hands by several shades within several days, and give you a renewed glow. Lasts 2-3 months depending on how large is the treated area. Use nightly.

What It Does
Lightens, brightens up dark spots, freckles, melasma, and tightens large pores.

Honest Ingredients
Kojic acid, Jojoba, Dermawhite, Meadowfoam Oil, Papaya Extract, Guava Extract, Saxifrage Plant Extract, Shea Butter.

15 ml/0.5 fl oz


Bringing beauty back to your hands.

InfraRed light has been studies for years and has been used to treat many conditions including pain and inflammation. It is discovered that it works on mitochondria of the cells, their energy-generating power-houses. This increases production of new cells and collagen.

Recent studies’ results suggest that infrared radiation may have beneficial effects on skin texture and wrinkles by increasing collagen and elastin contents from the stimulated fibroblasts. Therefore, skin treatment with infrared radiation may be an effective and safe non-ablative remodeling method, and may also be useful in the treatment of photo-aged skin.

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