Mesolyft Skin

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Mesolyft Skin

Mesolyft Skin lightens dark spots, freckles, melasma, pigmentation on face, neck, chest, hands several shades within several days. 
Brightens complexion of skin. 
Reduces pores size. 

Mesolyft Skin Brightener proudly offers a natural and safe way to brighten your skin. Made with papaya and guava extracts, it's clinically proven to inhibit melanin synthesis up to 90%. The kojic acid acts as a gentle pigment exfoliator. 
Our unique multi-action formula combined with MesoLyft micro-needle technology minimizes large pores, fine lines, and dark spots. We added Meadowfoam oil and jojoba for deep moisturizing and calming effects. 

Size: 15ml/0.5fl oz 

Kojic acid natural ingredient that improves skin complexion by inhibiting melanin production
Jojoba natural ingredient that significantly improves moisture 
Dermawhite (extracts from Papaya, Guava, and Saxifrage) A safe, healthy, and natural ingredient that effectively brightens the complexion. In-vitro tests showed that this complex of flowers inhibits the synthesis of melanin by 90%. 
Meadowfoam Oil natural ingredient with excellent hydrating and rejuvenating properties. 
Papaya Extract natural ingredient with exfoliating properties promotes a healthy vibrant complexion of skin 

Can be rolled onto face, neck or hands – any area with dark spots and freckles. 
Use daily (night preferred). 
Can be used with any other creams or serums. 
Serum lasts up to 2 months when used correctly. 
Recycle & replenish entire unit when empty. 

Made in the USA 


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