Chella Eyebrow Cream

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Chella Eyebrow Cream

Long-lasting and luxuriously creamy – your eyebrow cream for close connections.

Our creamy, velvety Eyebrow Cream is an all-in-one brow product for every occasion. It glides on effortlessly and features an airlock seal for soft, smudge-free brows all day. Coupled with the angled brush, pro-quality application is possible even on those rush-out-the-door days – so you can have good brows and good vibes all day long.

• Creamy, velvety formula
• Airlock seal prevents drying
• Reliable all-day finish
• All-in-one product
• Your choice of shades
• Subtle, natural and buildable

How To Use: 

STEP 1: Starting in the middle of the brow, apply the cream in small, hair-like strokes. Continue sketching from the bottom of the arch to the tail in the natural direction of hair growth. A little goes a long way!
STEP 2: Sketch small hair-like strokes from the top of the arch to the tail. Gradually build the cream up and fill in the center of the brow, continuing to follow the natural direction of hair growth.
STEP 3: Leave the front of the brow lighter by only applying the excess cream left on the brush in small, hair-like strokes.

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