Ardell Winks Press On Pre-Glued Underlash Extensions - Volume 36736

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Ardell Winks Press On Pre-Glued Underlash Extensions - Volume 36736

Free yourself from the mess & mistakes of lash glue with Winks Press On Lash Easy Underlash Extensions! Take a stand against bland and express yourself boldly. Let your eyes do the talking and your lashes do the flirting. Create your own signature look in a wink with this super easy underlash extensions kit.

Meet the perfect lazy girl lashes: 1-step extensions. Easy & fun, just place, press & you’re done! Conveniently pre-glued to make them super easy to put on without additional adhesive. Apply under natural lashes to keep the bands hidden for a no-one-will-know-they’re-faux finish. Minimal effort for maximum slay. No time gluing means more time doing all the fun, creative things you love. Slay Volume-style layers & lifts with crisscross layering and a delicate curl for a feathery effect. All-u-need kit with 30 clusters in 3 lengths (10, 12, 14 mm) plus an easy-to-use applicator lets you customize to eye shape and build bespoke looks quick as a wink!

· Pre-glued for easy underlash application

· No adhesive needed, no mess, no mayhem!

· Just place, press, done!

· Amps up volume with crisscross layering and a delicate curl lift

· Complete kit with 30 patented lash clusters

· Customizable with 3 lengths: 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm

· Up to 4 applications

· Easy-to-use applicator clamps lashes together

· No damage to natural lashes

· Easy removal

· Soft, tapered tips

· Beginner-friendly

How to Apply. 1. Start with clean lashes. 2.Use applicator to gently pull cluster off tray,
avoiding the adhesive lash band. 3. Place lash cluster under your natural lashes away from
waterline. Start from the outer corner working your way inward. 4. Use applicator to seal
clusters with natural lashes. TO REMOVE: Use your fingers to gently lift off cluster starting
with the band.

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