Ardell Naked Press On Pre Glued Underlash Extensions - Soft Volume  32268

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Ardell Naked Press On Pre Glued Underlash Extensions - Soft Volume 

Get Naked underneath.  Barely-there & ready to wear, these pre-glued underlash extensions bring press-on ease and all-day hold to our lightweight Naked Lash Collection. The self-adhesive band eliminates the messy glue step, conveniently cutting your application time in half.  Placed under natural lashes, the soft, subtle Naked strands blend in so seamlessly, it’s virtually impossible to tell them apart from your own. 

Underlash in under a minute with Naked Press-on Pre-glued Extensions. Just place & press – application is quick & effortless. All-day hold. No glue, no residue, no damage to natural lashes. Nothing to get between you and your Naked lashes. Extensions are placed under natural lashes to keep the bands hidden from sight.  Kit includes ergonomic ‘pink swan’ applicator to fuse clusters with natural lashes in a flash. Soft Volume style with soft layering and slight crisscrossing adds delicate dimension to lashes. 30 clusters in 3 lengths let you stack, fill or accent for a custom look.

• Pre-glued -- just place & press, so effortless!
• No glue, no messy residue
• So easy, lashes almost apply themselves
• Lasting all-day hold
• Slightly crisscrossed & layered cluster style for soft volume effects
• Featherlight strands feel like nothing on
• Knot-free for seamless blending 
• Customizable kit with 30 patented lash clusters 
• Up to 4 applications
• 3 lengths: 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm  
• Swan-shaped ergonomic applicator fuses clusters with lashes in a flash
• Lash-on-lash application eliminates contact with skin
• Adhere without fear, no damage to natural lashes 
• Easy non-sticky removal 
• Cruelty-free, tapered fibers 
• Perfect for everyone -- beginner to pro

How to Apply. 1. Start with clean lashes. 2.Use applicator to gently pull cluster off tray,
avoiding the adhesive lash band. 3. Place lash cluster under your natural lashes away from
waterline. Start from the outer corner working your way inward. 4. Use applicator to seal
clusters with natural lashes. TO REMOVE: Use your fingers to gently lift off cluster starting
with the band.


SKU: 32268

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