Ardell Insta-Lift So Posh 64694

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Ardell Insta-Lift So Posh 64694

Transform your eye shape with Insta-Lift Lashes. Whether you want to create a fierce fox eye or give your eyes an instant lift, Insta-Lift makes this easy to achieve. The extreme flare silhouette naturally lifts and elongates to give the illusion of upturned eyes. Strands progressively lengthen to their longest at the outer corner to form a dramatic flare. Slightly angled and swept to the side, the lightweight lashes create a sultry, supermodel look. The eye-boosting design mimics the anti-gravity effect of an eye lift.

Approaching lash design from a fresh angle, this fierce fox eye flare dramatically elongates and elevates the outer corners of your eye to create your most mesmerizing gaze yet.'

So Posh
Full volume, long length
• Extreme flare starts out shorter at the inner corners and then gets progressively longer.
• The design is built with a tilt: fibers angle outward to elongate and uplift for a mysterious and sophisticated look.
• Effortlessly recreates the viral fox eye trend, inspired by supermodels and celebs
• Winged silhouette visually pulls the eyes and face upward for an instant lifting effect.
• Light crisscross layering and sweeping strands add feathery texture and lavish length
• Soft synthetic fibers with tapered tips, cruelty-free
• Invisiband for comfortable wear and a seamless look

Easy 3-Step Application:
1. Check fit: Align band with natural lash line to check fit. Trim excess if necessary.
2. Apply adhesive: Apply a thin layer of adhesive along band. Wait 30 seconds to set.
3. Apply lashes: Secure lash band by pressing onto lash line.
To remove, gently peel off lash strip at outer corner. Remove used adhesive from band and place lashes back onto tray for reuse.

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