Ardell Brow Tint, Soft Black, 0.30 OZ 61896

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Ardell Brow Tint, Soft Black, 0.30 OZ 61896

Now you can have always-ready and bold eyebrows anytime you want with Ardell's Brow Tint in Soft Black. This salon-quality brow tint kit is formulated to cover all your eyebrow hairs with a permanent soft black shade and without depositing build-up on your arches. Allows you to have 12 applications and keeps a solid color payoff for 2 weeks! Lessens your daily brow time - you can even straight tin o your day without putting much effort into your brow prep!

  • All-In-One Brow Tint Kit: A gentle powder and developer formulation specifically designed to carefully create full and defined brows with ease and accuracy. The kit includes: 1 powder tint 8.5 g, 1 conditioning developer 30mL, 1 reusable plastic tray, 1 reusable spoolie, and 1 reusable spatula for mixing. Your one-stop shop for creating your dream on-fleek brows!
  • Salon-Quality Tinted Brows: Now you can have the attractive, bold eyebrows you've always wanted without spending too much time and money on salon treatments. This brow tint permanently colors and shapes your eyebrows, covering all hair including short, thin, and gray hairs. A new home product that gives you salon-finish brows at half the cost!
  • Easy and Convenient to Use: It doesn't matter if your brow hair is short or sparse! The brow tint works well on both types of brows! mix the powder with the developer to create your own custom tint color, apply, wait ten minutes, and then wipe away any excess color for perfectly defined arches! With no tools necessary except for an eyebrow brush for application.
  • Everyday, On-the-Go Brows: Don't have time to fuss over your makeup daily? Ardell's got you! The innovative powder brow tint and developer allows you to create dark, defined, stunning eyebrows (even without a steady hand) that last up to two weeks without smudging, fading, or running. Your go-to for your daily perfect arches!


1. Preparation
a. Prepare brows by washing with soap and water. Dry thoroughly.

2. Mixing
a. Squeeze a pea sized amount of the conditioning developer into the plastic mixing tray.
b. Shake the tint bottle 3-4 times into the developer and use the plastic spatula to thoroughly mix the tint until it is a smooth consistency.

3. Application

a. Apply the mixture generously to one brow at a time using the small brush provided for a precise application. Be sure to apply the mixture in the shape of your desired brow and to clean up around the edges to avoid accidental staining of the skin.

4. Processing

a. Set a timer for 10 minutes after application is completed.
b. Once the processing time is complete, remove the color from the brow area with a damp towel. Allow eyebrows to dry htoroughly to see the color results.
c. If a slightly darker color is needed, reapply brow tint and process for another 3-5 minutes.
d. Remove with a damp towel.
e. Discard any unused material. Do not attempt to store or re-use after application.

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