Amamedic AM-8503 Gua Sha Scraping Massager

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Amamedic AM-8503 Gua Sha Scraping Massager

Amamedic is marrying ancient techniques with modern technology in its all new handheld Gua Sha Massager. Gua Sha massages refer to the ancient Chinese practice of gently scraping the skin with a rounded tool in order to improve the microcirculation of the patient. Now you can experience this incredible massage method in the comfort of your own home!

The Gua Sha Massager incorporates three separate massage techniques all in one compact package. A gentle scraping gua sha massage to improve microcirculation; an effective cupping massage to improve circulation and release localized tension; and a radiating heat therapy to soothe muscle tension and improve broad circulation.

The Amamedic Gua Sha Massager is suitable for whole body parts. Apply the machine to neck, abdomen, leg & sole, and back.

Never tried a cupping massage before? Amamedic designed the Gua Sha Massager to scale in intensity for the uninitiated and pros alike. Use the lower settings to dip your toes into this new experience, and gradually work your way up until you find that sweet spot!

Customize heat therapy your way, with six degrees of controllable intensity. Lower the  intensity for a mild heat to accompany your massage, or increase it for a powerfully penetrating experience on its own.

It shouldn’t take a doctoral degree to get the relief you need, that’s why Amamedic designed the massager’s control panel to be simple and easy to operate. Press the ‘Heating’ button to cycle through the various degrees of heat, and the ‘Strength’ button to increase the cupping intensity.

Being lightweight and handheld means this massager can be used comfortably anywhere on the body, tension in the legs and arms can easily be dealt with alone, while lower and upper back tension can be quickly handled with the assistance of a partner.

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