Amamedic AM-4610 Eye Massager

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Weight 2.00 lbs.

Amamedic AM-4610 Eye Massager

Are you experiencing dry eyes, eye fatigue, or even headache from daily device use? The Amamedic Eye Massager delivers the deep relaxation and gentle treatment your eyes need. This device soothes tired muscles and relaxes the mind at the end of a long day; while the lightweight and foldable design allows you to take the massager nearly anywhere.

After a day of computer work, studying, entertainment, or even phone use, your eyes deserve a break. Utilize the Amamedic Eye Massager for comforting therapy to refresh your eyes and your mind.

This eyecare device is equipped with heat compression technology, intelligent vibration, air pressure massaging, and built-in bluetooth all in streamlined compact design.

The Amamedic Eye Massager is equipped with 4 massage modes, including Energy Mode, Relax Mode, Relieve Mode, and Sleep Mode. Each mode comes with unique combinations of massage functions. Simply click the “power” button to explore the different modes.

The air pressure massaging targets acupuncture points precisely to relieve muscle tension and pain. The Eye Massager incorporates intelligent vibration linked to the air compression in order to give your eyes the perfect massage and improve blood flow.

To relieve muscle tension, the Amamedic Eye Massager provides a comfortable heated compression with temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

To start enjoying the massage functions, simply click the device’s “Power” button. If you want to cycle between massage modes, simply click the power button again to explore each unique function. When you’re finished simply hold down the power button to intuitively turn your Eye Massager off.

To enhance your massage, connect to your personal devices and listen to your favorite music. Once you pair your device, it will automatically connect from next time you use it.

The Amamedic Eye Massager comes with a USB Type-C cable, which means you can charge it with a power bank, laptop, phone adapter, or any compatible USB ports.

The Amamedic Eye Massager is a portable massager and can be easily folded to a width of 6.2 inches. You can easily take your massager to the office, airport, and everywhere in between without stressing about space. Indulge in your massage anywhere and anytime.


  • Four Massage Modes
  • Intelligent Air Pressure and Vibration
  • 10/15/20 Minute Timer
  • Heat Therapy
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • USB Type-C Charger
  • 180 Degree Portable Design
  • Adjustable Headband
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