GiGi Large Bleached Muslin Strips 100 Pack

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GiGi Large Bleached Muslin Strips 100 Pack

Absolute body waxing has never been this easy! Get flawless hair removal waxing results with the GiGi Bleached Muslin Epilating Strips, Large - 100 Pack. Takes out unwanted hair effectively for sensational hair-free skin all over. Features ample size and shape that's perfect for waxing large skin areas. Works beautifully with your GiGi soft wax favorites.

  • Bleached Muslin Epilating Strips Pack: Effectively eliminate unsightly body hair with the GiGi Bleached Muslin Epilating Strips Large! Each handy pack includes 100 fine large waxing strips for full body waxing. Never run out in the middle of your waxing sessions!
  • Effortless Full Body Waxing: Positively hair-free and glowing skin all over! GiGi’s Bleached Muslin Epilating Large, 100 Pack makes it so easy to achieve skin perfection. Enjoy fast and efficient waxing with its 3” x 9” coverage area. Pair with your favorite soft wax and work on your arms, legs, chest, and tummy effortlessly!
  • Safe and Comfortable Muslin: Super absorbent, hygienic, and easy on the skin! GiGi Bleached Muslin Epilating Strips are made with ultra-fine weave muslin fabric. This means wax does not seep through these muslin epilating strips and leaves no residue behind on the skin. No mess, no spills, and no contamination! Just beautiful and brilliant skin for weeks.
  • For Waxing Pros and Starters: A must-have for any professional or at-home body waxing kit! The GiGi Bleached Muslin Epilating Strips Large is great for wax salon treatments and even for budding DIY beauty enthusiasts. Easy to use and convenient!


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