Invacare Platinum 5 NXG Oxygen Unit

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Invacare Platinum 5 NXG Oxygen Unit

A-Airbrush Gun With Tubing

B-Oxygen Activator With Lavender

C-Oxygen Activator With Collagen

D-Oxygen Activator Skin Brightening With Vitamin C

E-Oxygen Detox Activator Beneficial For Acne And Oily Prone Skin

F-Oxygen Activator With Hyaluronic Acid

Includes: Hand nebulizer oxygen tubing and 4 oxygen activators. This powerful unit delivers up to 95% pure oxygen by harvesting from the ambient air, using a specialized patented filtration system, creating a constant supply of oxygen whenever you need it. The facial oxygen unit is ideal for accelerating healing after micro-dermabrasions, laser treatments, or it can be charged just as a stand alone treatment. Comes complete with oxygen system, hand nebulizer(airbrush unit), tubing and oxygen activator. (Contains all necessary vitamins, and aminio-acids the skin needs to replenish and restore itself.).

Packed with the renowned heavy-duty performance of a Platinum® stationary concentrator, the new Platinum 5NXG is engineered to create a higher standard for reliability and dependable oxygen delivery. 

Key features and benefits of the Invacare® Platinum® 5NXG:

 • Retractable handle Has 3 positions to make moving and transporting easy

 • Large LED screen With an easy-to-read display, featuring a very visual graphic interface 

 • Instant access to  User Manual Scan QR code to view our most updated User Manual

 • Front-pegs Helps ensure stability on all surfaces

Tehnical Data:

Flowrate Range: 1.0 - 5.0 L/min*, with increments of 0.5 L/min

Oxygen Concentration: 87%-96%

Sound Level (Typical): < 42 dB(A)

Altitude (Max): 3962 m

Operating Temperature: 10°C-35°C

Outlet Pressure: 34.5 kPa

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