LX Microscopes By Unitron Model 23725RB-HDTRTHOL-ESD, System 373RB-DMLED-HOHDTR-ESD

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Weight 66.00 lbs.

LX Microscopes By Unitron Model 23725RB-HDTRTHOL-ESD, System 373RB-DMLED-HOHDTR-ESD

  • SD-safe. Body and stand feature baked-on powder-coat with a metal-laced paint that measures 105 Ω/sq. (static dissapative).
  • TRU Trinocular viewing head allows operator to use camera port and both eyepieces simultaneously. Features a click-stop detent at each marking on the zoom knobs to help hold and find a specific magnification.
  • Super widefield 10x/23mm eyepieces with eyeshields
  • High-quality achromat lenses with anti-reflective coatings
  • 0.7x – 4.5x zoom magnification range controlled by graduated knobs on both sides of the viewing head
  • Click-stops on the zoom knob at 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 ensure repeatable magnification changes
  • Magnification range 7x-45x (with 10x eyepieces)
  • 8″ working distance (when used with optional 0.5x reducing lens)
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum housing
  • Dual boom roller-bearing stand with 17.5″ vertical and 22″ horizontal reach (10″ x 10″ base); Focus mount angles to 45° to permit additional viewing and inspection perspectives.
  • Dimmable LED High Output Ring Light (CAT# 18743), 5600K color temperature, 50,000 hour rated lamp life and produces 5800 foot-candles at 4.5" working distance.
  • Excelis HD 1080p color digital camera and camera adapter. The Excelis HD offers simultaneous live image output via HDMI to an HD monitor and to a computer via USB 2.0. Images can be saved directly to a PC or Mac or onto the included 8GB SD card. The Excelis HD camera can be fully controlled without a computer. The free software allows for measurements, annotations, extended depth of focus, image stitching, and fluorescence.
  • Shipping weight 66lbs.
  • Catalog #:23725RB-HDTRTHOL-ESD

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