Solbasium Optix 1000

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Solbasium Optix 1000

Introducing the Optix 1000—the ultimate introductory red light therapy system, perfect for small clinics, gyms, and recovery centers eager to embark on their red light therapy journey. Equipped with Solbasium's groundbreaking, multi-wavelength technology, it offers a comprehensive array of scientifically proven red and infrared wavelengths.

Experience unrivaled maneuverability and effortless adjustment. With the Optix 1000's high-power electric motor, you can easily tailor the height and even switch between vertical and horizontal positioning. Take control of your clients' wellness with ease and precision, and unlock the transformative potential of red light therapy with the Optix 1000.

Experience the pinnacle of therapeutic light with the Optix 1000, meticulously crafted by world-class scientists and engineers to provide the most effective and powerful treatment. 

Engineered with medical-grade LEDs, the Optix 1000 emits multiple wavelengths for maximum effectiveness. Our revolutionary red and infrared light technology enhances client results. 

Experience effortless height adjustment with the high-power electrical motor. Tailor the treatment to your clients' needs, whether they prefer a lying-down or standing position. 

Our commitment to top-notch materials and engineering practices ensures unrivaled excellence. Enjoy peace of mind with a lifetime guarantee on our industry-leading LED technology

Tap into the booming demand for red light therapy, sought after by individuals across various industries, including beauty, gyms, clinical practices, and recovery clinics. By offering this in-demand service in your local area, you can significantly boost your profitability.
With the average red light therapy session retailing for $50 USD or more, you can recoup your investment within just a few months and start generating a substantial return. Imagine a hassle-free service with minimal maintenance and overhead costs. Well, look no further—this is your opportunity to capitalize on the lucrative potential of red light therapy and elevate your business to new heights.

Wavelengths 630, 660 nm (Red), 810, 830, 850 nm (Infrared)
Irradiance 100 mW/cm2
Warranty 3 years and Lifetime Guarantee on LEDs
Power Supply 120-240 V 50/60 Hz
Support 24/7 Technical Support With Solbasium Company Only
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