Serene House Donut Additional Colors

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SKU SKU184551
Weight 6.00 lbs
Color White

Serene House Donut Additional Colors A sweet play on the shape of a favored bakery delicacy. Fresh, smooth and glazed, this familiar and classic design evokes memories of simple pleasures. The Donut Aromatherapy Diffuser is produced with an advanced ultrasonic vaporizing diffusion technology that gently releases soothing fragrant mist to scent your surroundings. This Aromatherapy Diffuser comes with a built-in speaker and plays a stream of pre-programmed music or you may connect it to a personal music player and indulge in your favorite tunes. With our ergonomically designed remote control, you can easily turn the product on or off, adjust the atomization, set a usage time or even control the music and the rotating mood lights to best suits your environment. Atomization Mode: Ultrasound Intermittent Atomization Time: Approx. ≥ 14 hrs Continuous Atomization Time : Approx. ≥ 7 hrs Suggested Room Size: 25 - 45m² (270 - 485sq ft) Water Tank Capacity: 230ml (7.8fl. oz.) Product Size: Dia. 27 × H 9.5cm (Dia. 10.6〞× H 3.7〞) Built-in Music Repeat playing, built-in speaker

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