Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Thin Film Pebble Wax 35oz

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Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Thin Film Pebble Wax 35oz
WELCOME A SATIN SMOOTH SKIN WITH PEBBLE WAX: Get your confidence up and flaunt your silkier, satin-smooth skin for weeks! Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Thin Film now comes in a pebble wax formula that easily pours into your warmer and melts into the creamy smooth texture that you'll surely love! A non-strip wax that is suitable wax for all skin and hair types. Works great on the face, underarms, chest, stomach, legs, back, or arms.
INFUSED WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Infused with azulene oil, vitamin E and zinc oxide to maximize skin comfort. The calming and soothing formula prevents any skin irritation during and after hair removal. Formulated for coarse, stubborn hair and suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skins. Recommended for Brazillian waxing.
LONG-LASTING RESULTS: Enjoy delightful hair-free skin for weeks! Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Thin Film Pebble Wax get rids facial and body hair from the roots that slow down hair regrowth, allowing hair to grow back finer and softer with no stubble leaving a smoother, silkier feel for weeks.
PAIN-FREE, FLAWLESS SALON-LIKED FINISH: Ultra-pliable and ideal to remove unsightly hair easier and pain-free! With Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Thin Film Pebble Wax, you will experience that excellent waxing spa-quality results at the convenience of your home and achieve the smooth, hair-free and fresh skin, without the hassle and high-cost tag of salon services.
NO-STRIP, DISPOSABLE WAX: Originally developed as a stripless, disposable wax makes facial and full body hair removal comfortable, convenient and easy. This pebble wax melts quickly into a creamy smooth texture that removes unwanted hairs in one pull. It only sticks to the hair, never the skin when applied, so you can be assured that you apply several times without causing damage to the skin underneath. Achieve that soft, sleek and hairless skin you’ve always wanted!
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