Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Pebble Wax With Tea Tree Oil 35oz

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Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Pebble Wax With Tea Tree Oil 35oz

Something special! Experience true indulgence with Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Pebble Wax™ with Tea Tree. Spoil yourself and your valued clients with a pampering experience like no other. Features a rich and health-boosting formula that helps keep skin beautiful and vibrant as it takes out unwanted hair. No more redness and irritation, just comfortable and relaxing hair removal waxing sessions from now on! Best paired with your go-to SATIN SMOOTH WAX WARMERS.

  • Rich Pebble Hard Wax: Your favorite rich gold hair removal wax now in convenient pebble form! Enjoy a truly decadent skincare experience with the Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Pebble Wax with Tea Tree. A luxurious golden wax that works efficiently in eliminating thick, coarse, and unruly hair. The best choice for effective Brazilian bikini waxing and for those sensitive skin areas. Quick, easy, and painless no-strip epilation! Specially designed with comfort in mind.
  • Natural Skin-Loving Formula: Healthy, radiant, and silky-smooth skin! Experience hair-free skin bliss with the Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Pebble Wax with Tea Tree. Infused with the power of Calendula and Tea Tree extracts. Rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and health-giving elements. Helps to improve your skin condition as you remove unwanted facial and body hair. Do you want even better results? Upgrade your hair removal waxing sessions with Satin Smooth Pre & Post Wax care products.
  • Lasting Smooth Skin: Long-lasting hair-free skin for you and your clients! The Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Pebble Wax with Tea Tree gives you full waxing control. Takes out thick, coarse, and unruly hair directly from the roots without harming the skin. Say goodbye to stubbles and ingrown hair. This reliable hard wax effectively slows down regrowth for weeks of gorgeous skin confidence!
  • Professional Convenience: Are you a beauty professional looking for a more convenient hard wax solution? Perhaps you’re a beauty industry learner looking to try a new way? Save time and do more with our Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Pebble Wax™. Comes in easy-melt pebble form that stays fresh and dry on your salon countertop or in your beauty kit bag for outcall services. Spill-proof and worry-free!

How To Use:

1. Pour the pebble drops into an empty metal wax can and heat them in a Satin Smooth® or other professional wax warmer. 2. Set heat to READY for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. 3. Do not melt wax completely. Wax should be thick in consistency and have a center island of non-melted wax. Wax should be soft around the sides. 4. Before hair removal, check if the wax temperature is comfortable by dipping applicator into wax and applying a small amount to the inside of the wrist. If wax runs off applicator, it's too hot – wax should cling to the applicator. 5. After cleansing skin with Satin Cleanser®, use a new applicator to apply a thin, even layer of wax in the opposite direction of hair growth, and then back down to encapsulate the hair. For a better grip when removing wax leave a thicker edge at the end of the strip of wax. 6. Allow wax to cool on skin until wax hardens. Then raise the edge of the strip and remove quickly, pulling against hair growth. 7. After hair removal, apply Satin Release® to eliminate any wax residue, followed by Satin Cool® to help soothe skin. 8. Finally, condition skin with Satin Hydrate® to leave the skin soft. 9. Once you've completed your service, replenish can with Satin Smooth® Pebble Wax.

Important Notes: Use caution when melted. Risk of burns. Do not microwave. Do not use on irritated or broken skin, or skin with pimples, wounds, cuts or varicose veins. Inspect the skin to ensure that it is dry and free from irritation before use.


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