Milo Electric Massage And Facial Bed, Table

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Mar 9, 2023
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Very sturdy piece of equipment. All of the functions work properly, it’s very comfortable for clients, and also nice and long for taller folks. It’s also a very attractive piece and definitely looks inviting for clients. Overall an expertly built piece of equipment.
But just be aware of a few things before you buy:
This sucker is HEAVY! It was really nerve wracking to get it up stairs to my suite so just keep that in mind. I recommend renting some guys to help you out if you need to move it up stairs or long distances.
The other thing that is really disappointing to me is that there’s a stationary wooden base under the moving adjustable bed. This base runs horizontally under the entire length of the bed and is about 3 inches thick. Why do I mention this? Because it blocks my legs from fitting under the bed when I’m seated in my stool. When I adjust the height high enough for my legs to fit (so I don’t have to uncomfortably butterfly stretch while I’m doing a facial), the bed is so high that it’s hard to see or reach my client. I invested in an expensive treatment bed so that it would be ergonomic for me and comfortable for my clients. So you can imagine my slight disappointment after moving this big heavy bed up to my suite, that it’s probably not going to be super comfortable for me. I do think if I get a saddle chair it will help fix the issue. I’m still pleased with my purchase because it does come as advertised, and it’s not the fault of spa&equip that I didn’t notice this design shortcoming, but I just want others to be aware in case it might affect their treatments. This would likely be a non issue for massage therapists, but for an esthetician it is a bummer.
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