Malibu Electric Medical Spa Treatment Table (Facial Chair/Bed)

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Ms. Karen Tsermengas
Jan 13, 2020
I recommend physically experimenting a chair before purchase but unfortunately for me this warehouse is located in California and I am located in Michigan so I did not get to test it out first hand for myself.

Advantages: I can move this chair in any position that I need for my own comfort. Less strains and pains in my neck, shoulders and back.

Disadvantages: I find that because i chose a swivel option chair it is not very sturdy when in locked position. Also, clients heads don’t reach the headrest, they have to reposition themself higher onto the chair so their lower back hangs over the crease of chair instead of the lumbar cushion & then clients arms fall asleep because the position of the arm rests are not aligned for them to rest them comfortably in that higher position. If I remove the head rest then it’s ok but that is inconvenient for my services. I feel that the footrest does not close down far enough so sitting upright can feel awkward as well. The base of this chair is large & in the way. My chair & tray table hit it often therefore bumping the client in the chair often which can make them jump during my treatment which is not good for me.
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