Mint Non Slip Teeth Whitening Strips

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Mint Non Slip Teeth Whitening Strips 

Mint Teeth Whitening conducted a comprehensive study of existing whitening strip technology in order to bring you a superior option to deliver the best results in the shortest application time. Welcome Mint Non-Slip Whitening Strips - convenient, comfortable, safe and effective. 

Mint products are FDA registered & manufactured in NSF ISO Certified facilities. They only contain ingredients that are proven safe for enamel.

The Kit Includes: 

(28) Non-Slip Teeth Whitening Strips - 14 Treatments

(1) Teeth Whitening Shade Card

(1) User Manual

Directions To Use:

1) Remove strips from backing. 

2) Apply upper and lower strips to teeth.

3) Leave strips on teeth for 30 minutes.

4) Remove strips. Rinse away remainig gel. 


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