JB Brows, Synthetic Brow Extensions

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JB Brows, Synthetic Brow Extensions
Synthetic Mink JB Brows are high quality brow hairs that can perfectly imitate real brows and can:
Add depth and dimension to create high definition brows.
Fill gaps in the eyebrows.
Add volume and define the brow shape.
Create new eyebrows for people who have sparse or thinning brows.
Eyebrow extensions are the perfect add on service to complement eyelash extensions. Eyebrow extensions are individual synthetic brow hairs that imitate natural brow hairs and can add color, length, and density. You can apply the eyebrow extensions to either the natural brows or directly onto the skin. Use with the JB Brows Pure Brow Extensions Glue, which is hypo allergenic and safe to apply onto the skin. It bonds within a few seconds and can last 7-14 days with proper care. JB Brows are waterproof, sweat proof, and gentle for sensitive skin!
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