Hydrokinetic Vichy Shower From Touch America

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Hydrokinetic Vichy Shower By Touch America

TouchAmerica's Vichy Shower provides hydrotherapy efficiency and comfort for the therapist, keeps your overhead and maintenance to an absolute minimum, and creates a memorable spa experience for your clients. The Vichy Shower features 8 adjustable showerheads w/ shut-off, thermostatic mixing valve, thermostat, handheld shower wand, and a swiveling rainbar.

Thank you for your interest in TouchAmerica’s Hydro-Kinetic Vichy Shower. The following checklist
will help ensure that the installation site for your new equipment is adequately prepared. It will also
help you understand basic installation requirements, and will assist in ease of installation and optimal
operation of your new equipment.
 I have received and reviewed the specifications for the Hydro-Kinetic Vichy Shower.
 I understand that I am responsible for complying with all local building codes that pertain to the
installation of the Vichy Shower.
 Vichy Shower will have ¾” diameter supply lines originating from main supply lines, which are
¾” diameter or larger.
 Water supply lines must be positioned on the wall where Vichy Shower is to be located, per
specifications, or alternate water supply attachment must be established.
 Vichy Shower may consume as much as 20 gallons per minute of water, when in operation
with all showerheads in use.
 Facility needs a hot water supply that can recover at least 80 gallons of hot water per hour for
the Vichy Shower.
 The exact requirement for hot water for this shower will vary, depending upon user-selected
temperature and type of treatments performed.
 If using commercial tankless water heaters, you will need to notify your provider about
recovery rate needed to provide an adequate volume of hot water for the Vichy Shower.
 Other hot water demands, in addition to the Vichy Shower, must be considered when
determining the hot water supply for the entire facility. (It is recommended that a designprofessional review the overall hot water requirements for the facility).
 The wet room needs to have a floor drain that is 2-3” in diameter.
 The floor drain should be located in an area that will be under the wet table.
 The wall supporting the Vichy Shower must be strong enough to support the Rainbar, and
structured so that the Rainbar can be attached. Refer to Vichy Installation Instructions for
details; these instructions are sent with product.
 If wall supporting Vichy Shower is not strong enough to support Rainbar, inform TouchAmerica
that you need optional mounting stand included in your order.
 The Vichy Shower and wet table occupy a space 3 feet wide and 8 feet long; make sure wet
room is large enough to accommodate them, while also allowing a minimum of 2 feet of
working room around the wet table.
 All electrical outlets in the wet room must be GFI protected.

ecommended, but not essential:
 The floor of the Vichy Shower room is waterproof and slopes so that all water will flow to floor
 Walls of Vichy Shower room are protected from splashing water to a 5’ height above the floor.
 The room is wide enough for the 6’ Rainbar to swing completely flat to the wall supporting the
 Storage cabinets are constructed from water-resistant materials or are at least 6’ from wet
 Room is well ventilated to remove excess moisture when not in use.
 Room has no heat vents that may cause drafts in the location of the wet table.
 Infrared lights are available, either in the ceiling over the table or on rolling stands, to provide
additional heat and comfort.
 An extra drain or floor sink is installed away from wet table, to make cleaning wet room easier.
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