Cannafloria Be Focused Inhalation Pouch

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Be Focused Inhalation Pouch
Inhale the benefits of our stimulating Be Focused Inhalation Pouch and take notice of the wonderful world around you. Let the crisp, aromatic notes of Rosemary, Mint, and Spearmint, enhanced with the terpene a-pinene, sharpen your senses as you breathe in the mood-boosting benefits.
Warm, pine aroma
Promotes alertness
Helps sharpen focus
Rosemary stimulates and helps boost memory.
Mint refreshes mind and body.
Spearmint uplifts and combats fatigue.
Sharpens the senses with a crisp, minty aroma.
How to Use
Press the inhalation pouch to your nose and inhale deeply.
Breathe Only! Do not open bag. Do not ingest.

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