Aromafloria Sleep Ease Dream Mineral Salts

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Aromafloria Sleep Ease Dream Mineral Salts

Soak away the day’s stress and tension with calming essential oils of Bergamot, Valerian and Hops.

Experience the relaxing effects of Aromatherapy essential oils of Bergamot, Valerian and Hops to promote deep relaxation. Use our Sleep Ease Mineral Bath Salts to prepare your body and mind for restful sleep. The calming properties will create the perfect evening environment. Pour it in, sit back and feel the day’s worries fade away.

Adequate sleep keeps us energized and clear minded. Select a quiet dark room and create a cozy bed. TAKE A HOT BATH BEFORE BED TIME to relax the mind. BREATHE DEEPLY and dream.

Bergamot—reduce feelings of anxiety
Valerian—combats insomnia
Hops—combats nervous tension  

Bath: Add 1 cup to running bath water. Soak for 20 minutes. Foot Soak: Add ½ cup mineral salts to 1- gallon warm water and immerse feet and soak for 10 minutes. For External Use Only • Avoid Contact With Eyes (If Contact Occurs - Wash Eyes Thoroughly) • If You Have a History of High Blood Pressure. Please Consult a Physician Prior To Use.

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