Aromafloria Aroma Remedy Bath & Body Massage Oil

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Aromafloria Aroma Remedy Bath & Body Massage Oil
Active antibacterial essential oils help to boost the immune system

A daily massage with Aroma Remedy Body Oil with aromatherapy essential oils help protect and promote wellness. This body oil strengthens all the systems of the body and fosters the connection between mind, body and spirit the whole body functions more efficiently, preventing illness. This oil is a light sheer formula that won’t stain.

• Rehydrates and heals dry, aging skin
• Improves natural resistance to colds and flu
• Revitalizes skin from stress, natural aging and PMS.

Get a boost from essential oils that help the mind unwind and support the body’s natural resilience so it can heal.
Tea Tree—Antiseptic, energizing, purifying; active antibacterial and antiviral essential oils help boost the immune system.
Geranium—Balancing, soothing, refreshing; detoxifying ancient sea minerals and natural sea extracts help the body heal itself.
May Chang—Calming, relaxing, cleansing; anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera and Calendula oil provide moisture therapy for extremely dry skin.
Calendula – Good for skin infections, wounds, rashes and inflammations.
Sandalwood - creates a calming, harmonizing effect for the mind, helping reduce tension and confusion.

100% Vegan • No Animal Testing • Safe for the Planet • Biodegradable • Sulfate Free • Parabens Free • Phthalate Free • Preservative Free
Size: 9 oz / 266 mL
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