Serene House Serene Pod Scent Diffuser Aerolite

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"First of all, my friend," answered Barbicane, "every aerolite does not fall to the earth; it is only a small proportion which do so; and if we had passed into an aerolite, it does not necessarily follow that we should ever reach the surface of the moon." From the novel “Around the Moon” by Jules Verne. It certainly seems as though an aerolite has fallen into the hands of SERENE HOUSE.

This one is as simple and beautiful as it is functional. With its lighting rim, Aerolite seems as if it has kept some of the heat developing when it entered the atmosphere of the earth. Place the Serene Pod in the base of the Aerolite, plug it in and switch it on, close your eyes, lean back and surround yourself with your favorite fragrance and you might find yourself drifting around the moon together with Jules Verne. Prepare your wishes for a shooting star in air care!
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