SUNFX Showdown

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SunFX Showdown Ultra-Dark Base & Showdown Ultra-Dark Finish is the ultimate in competition base colour. Our mix of hypo-allergenic colours blended with natural and organic ingredients will give you the perfect dark base before applying your SunFX Showdown competition winning, ultra-dark, bronzing coat you’ve been waiting for all with a built in shine.

BASE COAT – Apply at night before competition. For best results leave on overnight and add Sunfx Showdown Ultra Dark Finish over the top. Alternatively apply one coat two days before competition and shower after 5 hours. Apply a second coat the night before competition and then apply Sunfx Showdown Ultra Dark Finish on the day of competition. Developing time: 3-8 hrs

FINISH COAT – Best applied on the morning or day of the competition. Will create very dark bronzing coat. Best applied over top of Sunfx Showdown Ultra-dark Base. Avoid rubbing or wiping once the solution has been applied. If you are using oil, we highly recommend a fine mist with no rubbing to avoid the tan running. Sunfx Showdown Ultra-dark Finish can be applied with a sponge. Dab on lightly and build up a dark colour. Use a sponge to reapply on areas where rub-off has occurred. Blend in carefully. Colour will dry to match original tan application.
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