Perform Pain Relieving Gel, 3 Ounce Roll-On

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Perform - Immediate Reactive Recovery
Perform offers cool, soothing pain relief. Experience immediate reactive recovery while at home or traveling, to relieve aches and pains caused by training or injury. The classic, 3.5% menthol formula alleviates those post-workout pains in addition to joint aches, arthritis symptoms, and back strains. The safe combination of ingredients that formulate Perform, do not include any added parabens.
Muscle Soreness or Sprain? We Have You Covered!
Whether you are experiencing aching muscles after a long day on your feet or a tender sprain caused at the gym, Perform has you covered! Perform is offered in a Roll-On or Gel option. For relieving pain in large muscle groups or for general use, choose our Gel option. For targeted pain relief in the neck, feet, back, arms, or legs, choose our Roll-On option.
Pain Relieving Gel and Roll-On
Our Gel tube includes 4 oz. of grease-free pain relief. The easy flip-top cap offers hassle-free opening and closing, and stays shut when thrown into your gym bag, purse, or medicine cabinet. The 3 oz. Roll-On tube offers pain relief and massage therapy in a single, easy-to-apply form, and is airplane friendly. “Roll-On Control” ensures targeted application and a deep-tissue massage to alleviate pain caused by tight muscles. Hands free, this option creates no mess and is perfect for our on-the-go users.
Cool, soothing pain relief designed to relieve post-workout pains, aching joints, sore feet, tight muscles, stiff legs, and more
Made to be taken with you on the go, Perform is a portable cryotherapy topical analgesic for use at home, the gym, work, school, and virtually anywhere on the go
Choose the traditional Gel tube for general use and application to major muscle groups that are sore after training or in pain following an injury
The Roll-On tube is a 2-in-1 massage and cold therapy pain reliever made to offer a deep tissue massage and cryotherapy to targeted muscles
Perform features a paraben-free formula and is considered a non-NSAID pain reliever for cold therapy.
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