MOD Clean Disinfectant Pods For Salons, Barbershops & Spas (32 Count)

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MOD Clean Disinfectant Pods For Salons, Barbershops & Spas (32 Count)

Mod Clean - the easiest, most affordable, and safest way to enhance your disinfecting . This pre-measured powdered disinfectant pod, made exclusively for the salon / barber industry, allows you to take the guess work out of assuring your clients the cleanest utensiles every time. Mod Clean’s unique design is small, lightweight, and imperishable. Our Product comes packaged in resealable and recyclable bags for your convenience.
Makes 32 quart jars (standard size jar used in barbershops/salons)
- Dissolves in less than 30 seconds!
- Equivelant to a 64 oz. jug of concentrated salon disinfectant.
- Takes up much less storage and is much more convenient.
- Exact measurement every time - save money!
- Consistent blue color every time across the entire salon/shop.
- Recyclable and re-sealabvle zip top bag fits in any drawer

Part of being a stylist includes taking the proper safety precautions for your clients. With other disinfectant brands, it’s difficult to measure the proper ratio of disinfectant needed, taking most of your time along with it. When using Mod Clean, the guess work is completely taken out of assuring your clients the cleanest products, in just 60 seconds. Mod Clean Pod’s simplify the mixing process and create a constantly accurate liquid disinfectant with every use. Our pre-measured powdered disinfectant pods are packaged in resealable and recyclable bags, which can be stored anywhere for your convenience. Forget stress, spills, messes – Mod Clean has you covered.
As a salon, it is important to make sure your clients are not only satisfied, but safe! Even today, stylists are unaware of proper disinfectant usage, making it likely to overuse product creating additional expense, or underuse product enhancing your salons liability. Unlike other brands, Mod Clean guarantees you the cleanest products with our pre-measured powdered disinfectant pods, simplifying the mixing process and creating a constantly accurate liquid disinfectant with every use. Mod Clean comes packaged in resealable and recyclable bags, which can be stored anywhere for your convenience, allowing you to maximize storage space in your salon. Did we mention Mod Clean Pod’s are designed small, lightweight, and imperishable for easier, not to mention less expensive, shipping? Focus more on the client, and less on disinfecting – be confident knowing your clients are safe, and your salon is even safer!
Cosmetology Schools use a lot of disinfectant and MOD Clean can save them money while creating an industry standard for disinfectant use. Every student needs to learn about proper disinfectant usage and carry those skills with them throughout their career. MOD Clean eliminates over pours and under pours, saving money and reducing risk cross contamination. In addition to having perfectly measured disinfectant every time, MOD Clean’s Pods are smaller and easier to store.
Nail technicians use multiple implements per client, and that means a lot of disinfectants needed. MOD Clean salon disinfectant works great for nail salons, which purchase a lot of disinfectants. Being accurate with measurements can save a lot of money over time. MOD Clean’s pre-measured pods are perfect for busy technicians. With easy, resealable, and slim bags, MOD Clean disinfectant is easily stored for high quantities. No Mess, No Guess, Just Clean!

How to mix MOD Clean properly:
Fill a standard disinfectant jar with water.
Open MOD Clean’s re-sealable bag and remove one pod.
Drop pod (the complete pod, do not tear open) into disinfectant jar.
Replace jar’s lid, the basket will submerge the pod under water.
Wait 10 seconds and lift the jar’s lid up and down repeatedly.
You now have perfectly mixed disinfectant, every time!

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Joey Chojnowski
Mar 9, 2018
We bought this product several months ago and LOVE it!

Advantages: It's super Easy to mix and because it's pre-measured I never waste my disinfectant and I know it's mixed right.

Disadvantages: None that I have found.
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