GiGi Small Bleached Muslin Strips 100 Pack

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Weight 1.00 lbs.

GiGi Small Bleached Muslin Strips 100 Pack

Looking for a hair removal solution that delivers precise and effective results? The GiGi Bleached Muslin Epilating Strips Small 100 Pack is your best choice. Made from premium-grade bleached muslin fabric and pre-cut to a perfect size. Ideal for small and sensitive skin areas. Leave nothing unloved and unwaxed!

  • Small Muslin Epilation Strips Pack: The GiGi Bleached Muslin Strips - Small 100 Pack gives you worry-free and efficient waxing sessions. Get sensational epilation results when used with your favorite GiGi soft waxes. Each handy pack includes 100 pre-cut bleached muslin epilation strips. You’ll never run out! Keeps you going and helps you get smooth, hair-free skin results effortlessly.
  • Precision Hair Removal Strips: These pre-cut muslin strips for waxing are ideal for use on small skin areas such as the face and the bikini line. Perfect for removing fine to medium hair for a smooth and effective hair removal experience!
  • Safe and Clean Waxing: Happy and healthy skin! GiGi Bleached Muslin Strips - Small are treated with a bleaching agent to help remove impurities and contaminants. A more hygienic option for waxing that lessens the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions.! Features an ultra-fine weave and a more flexible texture that makes them easier to handle and apply.
  • Pro-Approved Wax Muslin Strips: So incredibly easy to use! This GiGi Bleached Muslin Strips - Small 100 Pack is an excellent choice for both professional and home applications. If you’re a beginner looking to try waxing at home, these bleached muslin strips are a great starting point. Comes pre-cut so you can get started right away. For waxing pros, you’ll love how versatile these strips are. Works for all types of  soft wax so you can use them with any formula you or your customer prefer at the wax studio.


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