Detox Units

Detox Units

Air Detox Weight Loss Instrument
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Air Detox Weight Loss Instrument
Pneumatic compression devices have been regularly used in clinics and hospitals across the United States for the past twenty-five years for the treatment of venous and lymphatic disorders and for the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Configured in a variety of forms, these systems are always composed of a compressor and extremity appliances. The compartments in the extremity appliance are inflated sequentially via the compressor, with declining pressures distal to proximal in gradient systems, causing the lymphatic fluid or blood to circulate out of the affected limb, thereby reducing swelling and preventing venous stasis.

This therapy simulates the normal circulatory action through the use of external pressure, counteracting the underlying pathology of chronic lymphatic and venous disease. Physicians have long prescribed pneumatic compression devices as treatment for venous and lymphatic disorders that have resisted management by less extensive therapies such as elastic compression and elevation.

This same technology is now available for spa treatments. The system offers systematic mechanical application of sequential pressure and movement to the soft tissue of the body - skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.

  • Encourages Healing by Promoting the Flow of Blood and Lymph
  • Helps Soften and Breakdown Fat Tissue Which Promotes Weight Loss
  • Relieves Tension
  • Loosens Muscles and Connective Tissue to Help Keep Them Elastic
  • Promotes Lymphatic Drainage
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Aids in Dextoxification
    Complete Treatment System Includes:
  • (2) Full Arm Chambered Compression Sleeves
  • (2) Full Leg Chambered Compression Sleeves
  • (1) Chest Chambered Compression Sleeve
  • (1) Table Top Compression Mat
  • (1) Digital Treatment Control Tower
  • Cables, Air Lines, Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual

Dimensions: 40.17"H x 21.5"W x 18"D. Table NOT included. Ideal for use with any massage table or facial bed.

***1 Year Warranty***

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