Beaming White Advanced Whitening Kit – 16% HP

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Beaming White Advanced Whitening Kit – 16% HP The Advanced Whitening Kit™ is the number one system in use by non-dentists in North America to provide teeth whitening services, but even dentists love this kit. It gives the best results of any kit that doesn’t require a gingival barrier (gum protection). Because the 16% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel in this kit is too strong for use in a mouth tray, the kit comes with a cheek retractor and a “paint-on” applicator pen. Beaming White invented the “paint-on” system (The Beaming White System) when they realized that using gel stronger than 12% hydrogen peroxide in a mouth tray would cause too much gum irritation. The cheek retractor in the kit keeps lips and sensitive tissue away from the teeth. Plus, the cheek retractor is much more comfortable than a mouth tray. The gel is painted onto the teeth, avoiding the gums and gum irritation. Although the Advanced Whitening Kit has been copied by a few other companies, the gel isn’t the same, so make sure to compare results before committing to a copy cat kit. Features: Can be self-administered or administered* by a dentist, dental professional or, non-dental professional Strongest gel that can be used without a gingival barrier Up to 4 applications per kit (2-3 applications are recommended) More comfortable for your clients No soft tissue irritation nor tooth sensitivity in most cases Contents: 2 mL 16% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel 1 cheek retractor 1 finger wipe 1 dental bib 1 liquid vitamin-E swab Whitening Gel Ingredients: PROPYLENE GLYCOL, GLYCERIN, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, CARBOMER, TRIETHANOLAMINE, FLAVOR, MENTHOL, DISODIUM EDTA *Whether a dental or non-dental professional can administer the gel in this kit depends on local laws. In the EU, the kit that dentists can use is the Advanced Whitening Kit EU.

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