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Air Detox Weight Loss Instrument Airbrush Gun Detox Oxygen Activator Beneficial for Acne/ Oily Prone skin
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Air Detox Weight Loss Instrument
Pneumatic compression devices have been regularly used in clinics and hospitals across the United States for the past twenty-five years for the treatment of venous and lymphatic disorders and for the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Configured in a variety of forms, these systems are always composed of a compressor and extremity appliances. The compartments in the extremity appliance are inflated sequentially via the compressor, with declining pressures distal to proximal in gradient systems, causing the lymphatic fluid or blood to circulate out of the affected limb, thereby reducing swelling and preventing venous stasis.

This therapy simulates the normal circulatory action through the use of external pressure, counteracting the underlying pathology of chronic lymphatic and venous disease. Physicians have long prescribed pneumatic compression devices as treatment for venous and lymphatic disorders that have resisted management by less extensive therapies such as elastic compression and elevation.

This same technology is now available for spa treatments. The system offers systematic mechanical application of sequential pressure and movement to the soft tissue of the body - skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.
  • Encourages Healing by Promoting the Flow of Blood and Lymph
  • Helps Soften and Breakdown Fat Tissue Which Promotes Weight Loss
  • Relieves Tension
  • Loosens Muscles and Connective Tissue to Help Keep Them Elastic
  • Promotes Lymphatic Drainage
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Aids in Dextoxification
    Complete Treatment System Includes:
  • (2) Full Arm Chambered Compression Sleeves
  • (2) Full Leg Chambered Compression Sleeves
  • (1) Chest Chambered Compression Sleeve
  • (1) Table Top Compression Mat
  • (1) Digital Treatment Control Tower
  • Cables, Air Lines, Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
Dimensions: 40.17"H x 21.5"W x 18"D. Table NOT included. Ideal for use with any massage table or facial bed.
Airbrush Gun

Detox Oxygen Activator Beneficial for Acne/ Oily Prone skin

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O2 Facial Oxygen Unit Oxygen Activator Skin Brightening with Vitamin C Oxygen Activator with Collagen
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O2 Facial Oxygen Machine Unit

Oxygen Activator Skin Brightening with Vitamin C

O2 Activator with Collagen

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Oxygen Activator with Lavender Oxygen and Microdermabrasion Combo Machine Oxygen Infusion System & Microdermabrasion Machine
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Oxygen Activator with Lavender

The Oxygen Microdermabrasion machine can give you a detoxifying Oxygen Facial which is excellent for clearing pollutants and toxins from the skin thus improving cell function and increasing oxygen intake. It combines the healing effects of oxygen into your microdermabrasion treatment. By boosting oxygen levels, the result is a younger, fresher looking skin This system is the most technologically advanced Microdermabrasion machine in the world. Developed in the USA after extensive research, it offers the therapist safety, and complete precision with maximum control and total flexibility in skin exfoliation. It is superior to traditional methods because the complex skin tissues are biologically respected. Through regular stimulation and micro-circulation of needed oxygen into the skin, the treatment aids in the production of new collagen and elastin formulation. Achieve complete, immediate and visible results in less than 30 minutes! Absolutely perfect for those with busy lifestyles. Deep lines and visible wrinkles fade with regular treatment. Also, ask us about our on-site training exclusive for this Micro System.

-High Pressure Oxygen Injection
-Crystal Peelling with Oxygen
-Diamond Microdermabrasion
-Air Brush Gun Nubelizer
-Pure Oxygen Breath


Introduced from the oxygen system from MC Company in Switzerland, this machine can concentrate the oxygen with 98% purity from the air and insufflate it into deep skin tissue with 2 Bar Pressure. It stimulates the cell metabolism effectively, makes cells absorb the oxygen thoroughly and improves growth of new cells, thus the skin looks younger, healthier, more smoothly and shiny.


Adopting the most advanced technology. Pressure Swing Adsorption(Short for PSA). Under the normal condition, while the machine starts working. Nitrogen and other gas in the air is attached by the molecule bed from Air Compressor and only oxygen with over 90% purity left. With the function of Breathing, Blowing and Spraying Oxygen, this machine performs an excellent work on protecting skin from turning aged and dim.

1. Clean and lighten skin, make the skin turn whiten
2. Balance the moisture for the greasy and dry skin
3. Provide enough oxygen to the skin, make it activating. Improve the dim situation of skin and make it more shiny
4. Improve metabolism and easily de-toxin
5. Prevent the skin from acnes and balance the exudation of greasy
6. Remove aged spot and sunburn, fine lines and wrinkles
7. Improve the activity of cells and make skin firmed
8. Decrease the harm of brushing and other treatment and develop the absorbing effect of the nutrition


Voltage: 110 V/60 Hz, 220 V/50 Hz
Power: 280 W
Measurement: 120×77×61 cm
G.W.: 54 KG  or  98.00 lbs 

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Oxygen pipe for Airbrush Gun Pro Airbrush Gun with Mini Air Compressor Professional Airbrush Gun Pro by SkinAct
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Oxygen pipe for Airbrush Gun

Professional Airbrush Gun with Mini air Compressor by Skin Act

Professional Airbrush Gun Pro by SkinAct

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